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Linda Storm

My first memorable experience as an artist occurred at age three. I discovered someone’s painting in progress when no one was around. It was on the coffee table at perfect height for me to explore on my own. I remember vividly the smell of the oil paint, the feel of the brush in my hand, the visual delight of spreading the colors onto the canvas. Every part of me was immersed in the experience. A new intelligence awakened in me, or maybe it was a newly sparked memory. A long while after I left the scene, I heard someone shout, “Who painted on my painting?!”

It is decades later and I am still unwavering in my fervor for artistic expression. I begin with color on the canvas and an amorphous vision. A visual representation of my inspiration unfolds. Each painting is a birth in its own right. I experience profound delight and divine fulfillment when one is complete, and a heartfelt need to share it with the world.

Oil on canvas is my preferred medium. Sometimes I add a pinch of diamond dust, or an amorphous butterfly wing, maybe even iridescent varnish, or poetry written in gold leaf. I might also paint symbolic images to be discovered later, or attach a special object to the canvas.

Nature always inspires me with her secrets and sensual delights during my daily meandering in the forest. I hear the language of the animals, feel their presence, and know that they are also watching me. Pungent and delicate scents reach my nose as they ride on ever-changing currents of air which caress me as time is marked by the passing light of day into night. I convey my fascination with our land and sky through my hands, my art. My creations are an inspired presence, my gift, the present.

Although I paint perfect realism, such as in my portraits of animals and people, my landscapes are often articulated with Magical Realism, Surrealism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and even fractals. My paintings allow the viewer to partake in a personal experience even when inside public venues such as galleries, museums, banks, retreats, corporate offices, hotels, or their own or someone else’s residence. My current work is potent, symbolic of our natural world, yet tranquil in its simplicity. My objective is for the observer to feel an intrinsic harmony in their own relationship to all of life. Each piece invites the viewer to be “here in the now,” and is a haven for the viewer to feel a childlike wonder of life.

I have learned respect for, and no longer paint on the work of other artists.

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